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I Live!

“I Live!!! I Live!!! I Live!!! I Live!!! I Live!!! I Live!!! I Live!!! I Live!!! I Live!!! ” lives. A place for metalheads to be metalheads and sell their gross offensive fucking merch. An idea born out of necessity. Too many of us have been banned from the social networks for “offensive” content because we posted a CD cover with… dare I say A FUCKING NIPPLE ON IT!!! For shame!

Well, my friend… those fuckin’ days are over. You’ve found your place.

Please sign up for a free account and if you’re a band or label make a vendor account and setup shop. We’ll be taking a small piece and doing the mass payments daily just like the other guys do to keep the lights on here. Won’t break ya and it will support the scene here and our freedom to be fucking terrible and disgusting.

Now, to be clear. “terrible and disgusting” DOES NOT include anything fucking illegal!!!

This includes and is not limited to:

  • any content that is OVER the line of legal
  • bootleg merch
  • anything even close to illegal porn

That list will grow as you people act like jackasses I’m sure, check back often wherever this ends up.

So basically as the man said “don’t fuck up in here… be nice.”

Don’t make my life a fucking hassle and I’ll do my best to provide a pretty cool little place for our metal community and a marketplace so bands can sell some stuff and not deal with any nonsense over content. STAY BRUTAL!!!!



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